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If you own a property in Alanya and if want to sell it, you can advertise it with our webpage the most popular source of Alanya property advertisements.

Our service has proved to be the most efficient when it comes to buying and selling property. We also attract many new visitors to our website every day who want to buy real estate properties in our country.

Please supply by email the following informations regarding your property for sale in Alanya and our local office will contact you to make further arrangements:

Property type ( Penthouse, Apartment, Land, etc.)

Nearest city or town

Exact location (village name, etc.)

Number of floors, rooms, baths, wc.

Area (total living area of the property, supply approximate figure if the exact one is not available)

Price (please quote your asking price in Euros)

Property description: Please provide a detailed description of your property for sale in Alanya and its facilities.

After all of the necessary information is gathered, feel free to send us your request and never hesitate!

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