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Winters in Alanya

Alanya is a whole year holiday destination of Turkey. During its mild and short winter months it welcomes tourists from many european countries who come to enjoy the sun, sea breeze, shopping and sightseeing.

The usual daily temperatures in January (the coldest months of the year) are between 10 and 15 °C although under the sun it seems like it is much higher. Want an easily accessible place to spend your Christmas or New Year? Do you need an escape from freezing winter weather in your home country? Then Alanya has a lot to offer. Here are some hints on what is possible to do and see in Alanya in winter:

Alanya is nothing like a ghost city in winter, right the opposite. Manyhotels, restaurants, bars, shops and other services are availablewhole year round although some enterprises may close earlier.

Many beach restaurants and clubs are opened in winter time too. It is very enjoyable to sit under the sun on the beach in december and drink your coffee or a glass of a good beer.

There are no transportation problems in Alanya in winter – all thetransport services and public lines work just like in summer.

Historical sights of Alanya are opened whole year round. You can easily discover the Alanya castle, Red Tower, Alanya Shipyard or Alanya lighthouse in winter months as well. The Alanya Museum is opened to visitors 6 days a week.

As there is never snow in Alanya, you can enjoy its natural beauties in winter too. Attractions such as Damlatas cave, Dim Cave and Sapadere canyon are opened to visitors.

You can choose from several excursions in Alanya – a boat trip around the castle peninsula, a jeep safari, Side or Manavgat tour, Turkish night and others are offered by local tour agencies in winter months too.

Alanya winters are special for their sun on the beach and skiing in the mountains possibilities at the same time. There are 2 skiing centers within app. 3 hour drive from Alanya – Saklikent and Isparta offering all the services a good ski centre shall provide.

Certainly, you shall not miss a turkish bath treatment at least once during your stay no matter if its summer or winter. Many of Turkish bath /Hamam places in Alanya are opened all year round.

The cultural life goes on in Alanya in winter time too with several festivals, concerts, traditional Christmas market in the harbour, international statue symposium, photography competition and random cultural events and art exhibitions in the Alanya Cultural Centre.

The newest attraction of Alanya – the Alanya Touristic Train – offers a nice experience even in cloudy or rainy weather.

The city life goes on in winter with its everyday bazaars in the Alanya centre (closing up earlier than in summer) as well as the regular local fruit and vegetable bazaars at several places in the town. Enjoy fresh orange, avocado, mandarin or lemon from local farmers, which naturally have their second season in Alanya in winter time.

Alanya is a perfect place for winter sport camps. Many football, basketball or biking teams as well as athletes, swimmers and other sportsmen come to Alanya for training and relax in winter months.

Except the hotel facilities, there are public sport facilities in the town opened for a casual tourist in winter time too, e.g. basketball and tennis courts, table tennis places, municipality indoor swimming pool, in-line sport court, bowling, open-air and indoor fitness centers and others.

Alanya holds several sport events in winter time such as football matches in the new Alanya Football Stadium, swimming competitions or indoor football championship.

Alanya nightlife in winter is a little poorer in choice of places compared to Alanya summers but still much more vibrant than in other touristic destination in the Turkish riviera. There are several bars opened daily and many bars and discos opened on Fridays and Saturdays. Most of Alanya bars in winter have life Turkish music performances with singers, some have live bands playing international music.

Winter in Alanya also has something to offer to children. Besides the hotel children facilities, there are countless children parks in Alanya in very good care, touristic train or children train in the city centre for the smallest ones or a game centre in the Alanya shopping centre with a 5D cinema.

Within a 30 min. drive up the mountain there is a nice family restaurant Anadolu Orman Park offering great local cuisine all from fresh and local ingredients. It is situated in the forest with children playgrounds and a small animal garden for children.

Winters in Alanya do not differ from summers in the culinary perfectionism as there is fresh vegetable, fruit and fish whole year round in Alanya. Enjoy your meal in a nice Alanya restaurant.

In case of rain in Alanya in winter, you can spend your time in the Alanyum shopping centre, see a movie in one of 2 Alanya cinemas (most of foreign movies are usually in the original language with Turkish subtitles) or relax during Turkish hamam and spa treatments.

    • Yilmaz Has Opened Bigest Burger King in Alanya
    • Yilmaz Has Opened Bigest Burger King in Alanya 14.05.2015

      Yilmaz has opened bigest Burger King Restaurant in Alanya. He bought and built bigest business center in Alanya near Kipa shopping market and he gived to rent all shops just one of it he didnt give rent and he opened bigest Burger King Restaurants in Alanya.

    • Turkish Airlines Start To Gazipasa Airport
    • Turkish Airlines Start To Gazipasa Airport 14.07.2014

      Gazipasa / Alanya Flights Of Turkish Airlines Start Today. Direct flights of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Antalya Gazipasa Airport start as from today. The reciprocal flights will be performed every day of the week.

    • For residence permit new rules (Ikamet) in Turkey.
    • For residence permit new rules (Ikamet) in Turkey. 30.05.2014

      For residence permit new rules (Ikamet) in Turkey. Recently, a new regulation for the receiving of an (reidence permit) Ikamet is in force. It is now possible to obtain an (staying permission) Ikamet from 6 months up to 1 year, regardless whether it is extended, or it is a new application.

    • New Buses From Mahmutlar To Alanya
    • New Buses From Mahmutlar To Alanya 19.05.2014

      New Buses From Mahmutlar To Alanya even to Konakli. From 1st of june there will be new buses going from Mahmutlar to Alanya and even further to Konakli. In these new buses you can also use the Kentkart, which is a payment card you can top up with money when needed.

    • Atletico Madrid Claim League For The Ages
    • Atletico Madrid Claim League For The Ages 17.05.2014

      Atletico Madrid Claim League For The Ages. Atletico Madrid have capped off a brilliant season by holding Barcelona to a 1-1 draw in the Camp Nou, a result that was good enough to see them be crowned Spanish champions.

    • Fire of Anatolia burned in Alanya
    • Fire of Anatolia burned in Alanya 16.05.2014

      Turkey's most famous dance group Fire of Anatolia, took the stage in Alanya. At the Open Air Theatre shows recently opened a standing ovation. Announced shows in the world with the name of the Fire of Anatolia Folk Dance Ensemble, yesterday evening in Alanya Open Air Theatre, met with seven newcomers.

    • Eurovision 2014 Reviews
    • Eurovision 2014 Reviews 11.05.2014

      Eurovision 2014 A Victory For Bearded Man in Dresses. Everyone with half a heart knows that Eurovision is one of the best nights of the year. The music may be fairly mediocre, but it's not about that. It's about the gloriously camp costumes, the ridiculously sumptuous set design, the silly dancing – and the props, of course.

    • Turkey Visa Changes : New e-visa System
    • Turkey Visa Changes : New e-visa System 19.04.2014

      Turkey visa changes : Deadline for new e-visa system extended until 2015. Holidaymakers heading to Turkey this summer no longer have to apply for an e-visa before travelling as the deadline to introduce a new system has been extended. Electronic visas were due to be exclusively in place by April 10, meaning visitors would have to apply before setting off on holiday and would no longer be able to buy a visa on arrival.

    • Winters in Alanya
    • Winters in Alanya 18.04.2014

      Alanya is a whole year holiday destination of Turkey. During its mild and short winter months it welcomes tourists from many european countries who come to enjoy the sun, sea breeze, shopping and sightseeing.

    • Turkish Language
    • Turkish Language 18.04.2014

      Turkish language belongs to the same language group as e.g. Hungarian, Finish, Azerbaijani, Turkmen and other. Nowadays, over 83 million people around the world speak Turkish as their native language. They are not only Turkish people living in Turkey but also numerous Turkish-speaking minorities in countries which belonged to the Ottoman Empire in the past. Examples of those can be Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia. In Germany there are more than 2 million Turkish speakers


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