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Real Estate Buying Procedure in Turkey

When you decided to buy apartment in Alanya, step by step purchase procedures;
Firstly, the buyer gives a power of attorney to the us Liberalsun representatives at a notary public office and by this document, authorises them to deal with all necessary legal procedures for the purchase and after sales services. Generally the following issues are included in this power of attorney: purchasing and registering the property in the name of the buyer, official registration in the municipality department, official registration for eletricity subscription, water subscription and payment of local taxes, receiving completion report for the property and etc… After power of attorney buyer dont need to go any offices. Secondly, the buyer opens a bank account at a local bank in Alanya for make money transfer which will pay aparment cost. When all these actions have been carried out, generally the buyer and the seller sign a contract between them.
Afterwads, in order to receive military permission, an application is submitted to the Land Registry Office. This process may 1 or 2 months but if from that complex any apartment sold after the date 01.05.2011 to any freigners people than just like Turkish persons with out military permissions in a few days finished the all process.

Fee for Process: If need to send military zone papers about 300 Euro, for notary public with tranlator person Approximately 150 Euro in total paid for one person if two or more person than 50 Euro more. In the title deed office transfering tapu tax is % 4 percent of the showing price plus 175 TL. For example showing on the title deed 100.000 TL than you have to pay 4.175 TL Title deed tax. After take your apartment title deed for electric subscription 210 TL, for water subscription 260 TL and for iskan (registration paper of the apartment from municipality) 1.500 TL. But this iskan and water price diffirent in each municipality. If you have any question please contact us and ask us we can give more informations.

We’ll do as a Liberalsun our best to make you reach your dream house as soon as possible.

Title Deed;

Tapu (title deed) is an offical document which shows the owner of the property. The only document to own property and it is prepared by Land Registry Offices at each town. Tapu is registered at the official books and state computers. In case the tapu document is lost you can renew it at the Land Registry Offices by paying like € 10.

Unlike any other country when you own an apartment in Turkey you also own the part of the land according to the size of the apartment.

If the owner dies in this case all the rights on property goes to legal heir. For this procedure application will be made to Land Registry Office with death certificate and certified will which is approved by notary or court.

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